Horse Racing in Philippines - History, Betting, and Bookies

Horse racing ranks high when it comes to the best recreation activities in the Philippines. Due to its significance and prevalence, bookies decided to include it to their list of betting options.

A Brief History of Horse Racing In the Philippines

Filipino’s love for horse racing started in the year 1867. By then, the sport only took place during the weekends. The racing ground was straight and flat with a shorter length. In that year, they formed the Manila Jockey Club. Which became the first horse racing club to ever exist in the country. However, there came a revolution that led to the suspension of the club. But It later resumed functioning officially in the early 1930s. That said it was, not until 2018, that a group of wealthy individuals transformed the whole industry to its current success.

The Best Sites For Betting on Horse Racing 2024

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Since the initialization of horse racing in the region, the government has never illegalized the activity. As a matter of fact, it started collecting taxes from the sports as early as in the mid-1900s. So yes, horse racing betting in the nation is legal. Its validity is the reason why it is one of the most cherished sports in the region. The activity continues to attract a significant number of Filipinos. During races, people usually fill the tracks to cheer on the horses. That is as they stake on what they think will be the winning horse.

Horse Racing Betting

The Best Sportsbooks for Horse Racing That Accept Filipino Players

Thanks to technology, Filipinos can bet not only on-track and off-track but also online. Various bookies are available to ease the online gambling process. Some sites even include pesos on their currency options in a bid to attract more customers. The more the sport continues to grow in the country, the more sportsbooks include it in their list of games. Bettors have the chance to complete the transaction using either locally licensed platforms or offshore platforms. Some of the most cherished bookies in the country include:


Any bettor will agree that 1xbet is making waves in the world of online gambling. The site is not only fashionable but also loved by many people. That is because it is fast, easy to use, and easily accessible. It also offers Filipinos a wide range of betting options. To access the site, punters only need to register and obtain a username and a password. What is most appealing about 1xbet is the fact that it is not cluttered, and it is also very responsive. When it comes to payment methods, there are plenty of options available. Multiple horse racing events are available, and so gamers get to decide which race they want to bet on.

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William Hill

Very many Filipinos use William Hill to gamble online. It is also one of the biggest gambling sites in the country with various accolades. What makes it famous among gamblers is the fact that it comes with superior capabilities. It is also simple and responsive, and that makes it easy to use. Their list covers a significant amount of horse racing matches with excellent odds. As soon as bettors log in, they can access all the horse racing matches and place bets. The operator also offers statistics. That makes it easy for punters to do analysis and come up with information on how to bet. All those features make the online site an incredible sports betting platform.

Types of Wagers

For any punter to wager easily, he or she has to know more about the types of wagers. Each bookie allows bettors to gamble on various races by picking a suitable type of wager and odds. While some sites offer only the basic types, some go deep. The basic types of wagers include:

  • Win
  • Place
  • Show

A win refers to selecting the horse that will come first. Place means selecting two horses. That is the one that will take the first place and the one that will occupy the second place. A show, on the other hand, means selecting the first, second, and third place horses.

There are also other advanced types of wagers, such as Exacta. That is when the gambler wagers on certain horses to end the competition in first and second positions. The superfecta is also a type of intermediate wagering option. It means the punter stakes on the first, second and third horses in order. Those who want significant winnings often go for the grand slam. That is when a punter selects a horse that will finish in the top three positions in the three upcoming races.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Horse racing Philippines is not a type of sport that gamblers bet without a plan. It requires knowledge and an exceptional understanding of the tracks. That is why every bettor needs to have some strategies. So far, here are the best tips and strategies that you should consider before placing your stake.

Always bet for high-level horse races

Any bettor must avoid low-level races. That is because the results are usually inconsistent. It thus makes it hard to analyze and come up with the most probable outcomes. When it comes to high level or top-level horses, the results tend to be a bit consistent. Punters can thus make an accurate analysis and deduce a probable outcome.

Scrutinize the trainer

Some horses win only because they have a great trainer added to their excellent form. It is thus vital for the gambler to scrutinize every trainer. Try and look at how the horses trained by a trainer performs. A punter can then wager according to the trainer’s previous performances.

Research more about the jockey

Punters must perform some research on individual horse jockeys. Professional horse jockeys tend to win more races due to their tactical advantage. Analyze the jockey’s record and past races. There are some information bettors can come up with to enable them to make great choices.

Check the form of the horse

Just like other sports, the shape of the horse matters a lot when it comes to horse racing. A horse in good form has a high chance of winning compared to a horse in bad shape. Bettors can use that to make eliminations.

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Online Promotions for Horse Racing

There are so many sites that have numerous promotions for horse racing. These promotions are not only meant to welcome bettors but also to enhance their experience. To get the best promotions, gamblers can check on the available bookies and see which ones have the best deals. Other sites also include welcome bonuses for new signees to excite them. It all depends on the type of betting sites punters use to initiate bets.

Turf Accountant V Shop V Online Betting

Unlike other sports, there are so many ways in which bettors can bet on horse racing. They can either do it via a shop. It is an off-course type of gambling where the cashier accepts bets and pays winners. There are also turf accountants that involve individuals who accept horse wagers on certain conditions. Turf comes from the word ground, an accountant is the term of a person who handles money. There is then online betting where bettors visit an online site and place bets depending on the available odds. It is currently the most popular type of wagering.

The Sports of Kings - Is It worth Betting On Horse Racing

Placing bets on horses has been ongoing for years now. The sport is not only enjoyable but also understandable. People who wager on races tend to sometimes walk away with cash depending on their luck. That means that wagering on the horses is worth it. The bettor only has to understand some strategies and tips for him or her to wager well.

Unlike other sports, there are various ways to wager on racing horses, but most people prefer online. It is the one sport that requires punters to analyze every bit of the game, including the horse trainer. You also have to pay attention to the horse and determine if it’s in great shape. The whole process is very fulfilling, and that makes wagering on the horses fun.


Picking a winner from a nag requires a profound knowledge of the horse’s past performance. That includes its form, trainer, and its performance on previous races.
William Hill is the bookie with the best odds. Their odds are more generous compared to other bookmakers who offer the same sport.
Pegasus World Cup is the richest race for horses in the world. Its purse for the winner is often several million dollars.
The best app for the sport is William hill. The android app works in the same way as the desktop site. It has not only the best interface but also plenty of races.
The best bookmaker to live stream races is TVG. It offers a wide variety of horse races from all over the world.