Everything to know about CSGO betting in the Philippines

The captivating nature of CSGO is the reason why it has seen a drastic increase in its fan base in the Philippines since its introduction. Here is everything you need to know about CSGO betting.

The phenomenon that is CS:GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive known as CSGO is an overly famous first-person multiplayer shooter game. It involves players forming two teams where one is for terrorists while the other is for Counter-Terrorists. The task of each team is to eliminate the other team while successfully completing numerous in-game goals. The action in the game is intensive, and the gameplay is impressive, making it an entertaining sport.

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Another appealing feature that you won’t miss is the various CSGO skins available. That added to the numerous gaming modes, and remarkable themes make the whole gameplay and environment enjoyable. Therefore you get to have absolute thrill playing the game as you compete for the highest cs go price.

Available Resources to start playing

Before any player begins takes part in the game, he or she should have adequate knowledge about the game. Thankfully, there are various resources available online. That includes CSGO Reddit forums that tackle different types of gameplays, among other useful topics. There are also a wide variety of tutorials from professional players and tips on how to make the right moves. With these resources, any gamer can easily understand the e-sport game and play like a pro.

CSGO Betting

Terminology you need to know

For exciting gameplay and a better understanding of what’s to come, it is prudent to understand basic CSGO terminology. Some of the common terms that are going to pop up throughout the game include:

  • T - Means a Terrorist.
  • CT - Means a Counter-Terrorist
  • Ace - The term used when a single player eliminated everyone on the enemy team.
  • Need a drop - A phrase used by a player to ask for a teammate to purchase him or her a gun that they cannot afford.
  • Ninja Diffuse - It is when a player diffuses a bomb without the enemy team noticing.
  • Nade Stack - When two players on the same team throw grenades at a spot simultaneously.
  • Stacking - It indicates there are more than the normal number of CT players watching a particular location.
  • Wallbang - The tactic of shooting an enemy player through a porous wall.
  • Rush - When the whole team runs to a particular location to overwhelm the enemy team.
  • Pick - It is a swift kill by a player in a defensive position, usually a duel.
  • Prefire - When a player shoots preemptively at a particular spot where he or she expects the enemy.
  • Save - Usually, when players save their resources so that they don’t have to spend on them the coming round.
  • Rotate - It is when a player leaves the current position with the aim of defending another position.

With those terminologies, you get to understand what is going on throughout the game. It is thus crucial to master each and every one of them.


Betting on CSGO

The popularity of CSGO in the Philippines has made it one of the most betted online sports in the region. Punters get a chance to speculate on the outcome of professional games and place their stakes. Like Sabong online betting, CSGO has both high and low-risk reward outcomes. Sites like HLTV CSGO also offer betting statistics to ease the process of making betting decisions.

To make a CSGO bet, players have to log into their respective betting platforms and wager. Each betting site allows the bettor to pick the bet type before initiating the gamble. Due to the prevalence of betting, researchers expect cs go Philippines betting market value to go past $12 billion in the coming years.

The available betting sites also offer a wide variety of CSGO matches. That means punters can pick the type of games they are more comfortable with and place their respective bets. Gamblers, moreover, need to understand the gameplay before they start betting. For instance, do a little research on the team and understand how the game goes. They also need to understand more about the series and the tactics involved. Unlike other games, e-sports are easy to analyze, but they can also be a bit challenging. That is why before you go ahead and start betting for individual teams, you need to know:

Types Of Bets

Types of bets mean the available betting options on a particular match. The possibilities ensure you end up with a wide variety of betting decisions. Each betting type comes with different betting odds. It is thus up to you to decide which odds to pick. Some of the popular types of bets include:

  • Group winner
  • Handicap bet
  • Total rounds
  • Group of winner
  • Region winner
SGO Betting

CSGO Betting Markets

Just like the types of bets, this game also has a wide variety of betting markets in the Philippines. Some of the markets include:

  • Maps played in a series handicaps
  • Map pistol round 1 and 2 winner
  • The final score of a series
  • Rounds won on a map handicap
  • Map-specific winners
  • The number of maps won by a team in a series

E-sports betting sites with CS: GO

There are quite a considerable number of E-sports betting sites where gamblers can bet on this game. Each betting site has unique features with a wide array of matches. Some of the top esports betting sites that players can have a look at include:


Arcanebet betting site offers online gamblers an incredible platform where they can bet on a wide variety of e-sports. Apart from plenty of matches, Arcanebet features an intuitive platform that is simple to navigate. Bettors require to open an account first before proceeding to stake on CSGO games. There are also various match statistics available on their site that enable analysts to do their research about the teams. That makes it an incredible e-sport betting site.


Most punters in the Philippines are familiar with 22bet. The site not only offers a wide variety of CSGO games to bet on but also CSGO live scores. That is to make it easy for gamblers to follow CSGO live. It is one of the few reasons why 22bet has a massive following in the Philippines. They also offer a mobile betting app to allow bettors to stake at any time.

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Betway is one of the most straightforward and trusted e-sports gambling sites. The website offers punters a chance to gamble on various games in the Philippines. They also provide you with csgo livescore as well as the ranks of multiple teams in a series. The platform is fast, and their payment methods are vast. That makes it an incredible place to bet and keep up with any e-sports information. It is also great for people who don’t want to waste too much time researching the playing teams. That is because they have great statistics.

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Betting Tips for CSGO

Betting on esports can be a bit challenging. That is because, like any other type of gambling, anything can happen in the match. This is why you require various betting tips for you to make accurate bets. Some of the best tips you should remember while include:

Always be up to date with the teams

Having a clear idea of how individual teams and players are performing can be advantageous. You can use such statistics to figure out which groups are likely to win, and ultimately decide which type of bet to place.

Know when players are going to buy guns or save

Among the things you have to keep in mind is knowing whether a specific team is going to save or buy. You also have to figure out which guns they are using and the type of ammo. The information can easily tell you which team is ready between the T and the CT.

Analyze match history

Analyzing match history between two teams can also help make wise betting decisions.


Yes, players can enjoy it freely using their various gadgets. As soon as you log in to the site, it is going to update to prime status.
Yes, you can now enjoy the game on your mobile devices. That includes iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.
Yes, various sites offer various bonuses. You only have to figure out which site has the best bonus offers.
There are various prizes that you can win playing CSGO. The most enticing prize is money, which usually varies depending on team rankings.
No, it is not a scam. The e-sport game is one of the most famous and genuine games in the Philippines. It is featured in legitimate betting sites and so you can win real money.