Responsible Gambling - Players Guide to Playing Responsibly

Online gaming is a leisure activity and responsible gambling is a must. Whether you love to play online slots or appreciate the challenge of table games, these games must be primarily seen as sources of entertainment. There’s also that additional thrill that’s thrown into the mix especially if you win in a game or you collect a prize. However, it’s also important to know that in gambling there are certain risks involved. Players can lose real money in these games.

This is where problem gaming starts. When some players lose their money, the losses fuel them to bank more money and play more. And in chasing these losses, they end up facing a variety of problems from financial, personal to psychological. That’s why you must know how you can protect yourself, your friends, and your family from problem gaming.

To do this, you must understand the industry campaign called Responsible Gambling. More importantly, you should know the actual steps and strategies that you should take on how you truly enjoy the game without the usual problems that come with it. In this article, we take a look at the responsible gaming tips that you can follow if you want to play and safely have fun.

responsible gambling
  1. Gambling is not an avenue to make money. Sure, your favorite casino games can offer instant wins and cash prizes. However, this should not serve as the primary motivation when playing online. It’s also important to keep in mind that these games are programmed to maintain a ‘house edge’. In short, the majority of the players will lose and only a few individuals can take home the winnings.
  2. Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. If you want responsible gambling then you need to set aside money that you can use for fun games. Don’t use the money that is allocated to pay for the bills, the rent, or the education of your children.
  3. Set a time limit (and stick with it). Before you log in and play your preferred titles, make sure you decide first on the time you want to spend online. For example, you can assign 1 hour to enjoy the best slot games in your preferred casino. Once the time has been used up, log out.
  4. Use the responsible gambling tools offered by websites. Online casinos today feature a gamble responsibly disclaimer as part of regulatory requirements. This is specifically true with operators that are licensed to operate by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission. As part of the licensing agreements, these operators are required to implement the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. They are also expected to offer the Session Limits or the Deposit Limits. If you want to be safe, we highly recommend that you use these tools. The majority of the casinos will also offer the ‘Self Exclusion’ service which can be helpful if you want to take a break from gaming.
  5. Don’t chase your losses. Don’t expect that your gaming sessions are always favorable to you. Keep in mind that operators are still running a business and they need to sustain their operations. And to make it possible, it designs and hosts games with a significant house edge. When you lose, don’t try to get it back. Play the titles you love and quit the session after your set limit. That’s a responsible gambling rule you should always follow.
  6. Alcohol and gambling sessions should not mix. Safe gambling means saying no to alcohol. Drinking beer or other hard drinks when in front of your desktop will not deliver great results. If you are intoxicated, your decision-making skills will be impaired and when that happens, you will end up playing more than you should. To avoid decisions that you will regret in the end, we highly recommend that you put the drinks on hold when playing casino games.
  7. It’s all about life balance. Life is not just about the pursuit of excitement and wins in casinos. As a player, you need to widen your horizon and focus on activities outside of the casino. When you complete other recreational and work-related activities, gambling will not become a big part of your lifestyle. And when it happens, you avoid the usual problems that come with irresponsible gambling.
responsible gambling

Online casino games are exciting and with the promise of instant wins, it’s but normally that we get attracted to these. However, one must be careful and well-informed when signing up for an account and when playing the games in real money mode. Playing a popular online slot is not a guarantee of winning. Operators still run a business and games often give a slight advantage to the house. To ensure a fun, secure and safe gambling experience, consider our responsible gambling tips. Please gamble responsibly and use our website to learn more about strategies and tips on how to stay on the safe of gambling.