Online Poker - Basic Rules And The Most Common Variants

Playing poker online is trending in the Philippines. There is a wide variety of online poker games with a significant number of fans. What people like most about the game is that it is fantastic and entertaining.

How to Play Online Poker

If you’re looking for a guide on how to play poker for beginners and recommended poker sites, you’re at the right place. With the right tools, anyone can learn how to play online poker. It is, however, essential to gain some knowledge before visiting online poker sites. Keep in mind the game can be a bit diverse. That is because there are numerous variants, each with its own playing rules. The best way to conquer the game is to understand the rule of each game. Players should also come up with strategies and tips which they can use in online poker.

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Anyone can learn how to play online real money poker games. In general, the game involves staking and playing against the dealer to end up with the winning hand. The action is usually fascinating, with the player doing anything it takes to win the game. That is as long as it is legal. Some of the things gamblers need to know while playing online poker include:

Online Poker Rules

Just like other casino games, real money poker also has rules which the player should strictly follow. Gamers that want to learn how to play online poker should note that in poker sites distinct variants have different rules. There are, however, cases where these rules are common. That includes the betting limit, which can be either no limit, pot limit or fixed limit depending on the variant. Players should ensure they follow the betting limit when wagering. Another rule is that you have to stake before the start of the game. Lastly, the only way to win is if the gambler’s hand beats that of the dealer.

Online poker

Poker Hands

As soon as players initiate the game, dealers start distributing cards. In every variant, the best hand is usually the royal flush. It occurs when one has a combination of 10, Jack, Ace, Queen, and King of the same suit. The second best hand is the straight flush. It comes along by achieving five cards that are of the same suit in sequential order. What follows is the four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, one pair, and the last one is the high card. Gamblers have to master the hands so that they know what to expect.

Poker Betting Variants

The game of online poker has multiple variants with real money poker bonuses. That is why gamblers have to decide what type of online poker they want to play before entering poker sites. When you learn how to play online poker and want to enjoy the session, the main variants you should consider include

No Limit

One of the most common variants is the no-limit online poker, which some people call NL. It is the kind of real moeny poker online variant that has no betting limits. The operator allows players to place unlimited amounts. It, however, requires you to have significant bankrolls because the bets tend to increase exponentially.

Fixed Limit

Limit or fixed limit online poker is the variant where operators set a fixed amount of bets and raise. That is regardless of the betting rounds. The game is excellent for players who have a small bankroll. It also comes with two types of bet sizes called the big bet and the small bet.

Pot Limit

The PL or pot limit is the poker variant where the operator sets a specific size of the pot. Players can then gamble or increase their bets without going over the pot size. The winning gambler ends up taking the whole pot. In the case of a tie, the two players get to share the pot prize equally.

Online poker variants

Popular Poker Variants in the Philippines

Filipinos love to play real money poker online and benefit from poker bonuses. That is why the Philippines has multiple variants of the game. Some of the most famous variants in the Filipino real money poker sites include:

5-card Draw

The 5-card poker is very famous in online poker sites because it is an engaging variant. People who enjoy it the most are amateurs due to its simplicity. It involves dealers drawing five cards to each player. The player can discard some of the first cards and get new cards to replace them but no more than 4. It is then his or her goal to end up with card combinations that will result in the winning hand.


Instead of 5 cards like in a 5-card draw, Hold’em involves the dealer giving out 2 cards to the gamers. Then in the middle of the table in subsequent rounds of betting five cards are dealt face up. Depending on the opponents, the gambler can raise, bet, call, check, or fold. This one of the most popular variants in online poker sites.

poker online

Online Poker Demo & Free Games - Practice For Free

It is doubtless that these games can be quite challenging. That is why every enthusiast has to undergo some learning curve. The best way to learn how to play poker is by reading the instructions rather than using poker online demos to advance. Demos are the kind of games that allow online players to practice for free. You can thus gamble as much as you want without worrying about your bankroll. The only con of playing free games is that you can not benefit from poker bonuses.

In online poker sites, this is one of the best ways to gain skills, build strategies, and establish gameplay before facing the dealer. While enjoying the demos, you should also learn the basic terms used in the games. That includes the types of bets and knowing whether the bets are pot limit, no limit, or fixed limit.

Note that after the demos, it can be easier to understand and conquer live poker rooms. This is because the gameplay is usually similar but with a slight visual change.

The Top Live Real Money Poker Sites

You have to know how to play poker online in a casino. It is, however, vital to know that not all casinos are fun. Some don’t have the thrill and relaxing environment to feel poker online. That is why Filipinos should opt for the best casinos with real money poker bonuses such as:


888poker is among the best online poker sites to enjoy quality gaming. The casino is fantastic with top-notch features that can entice any player. First, their platform comes with high-quality graphics making the whole interface alluring. Those who are after great poker online rooms will love the entire casino setup. It also has plenty of payment methods that are faster than those of many other gaming sites. That is why many Filipinos love the site.

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Another fantastic poker online room is PartyPoker. The whole site is splendid due to the incorporation of ultra-responsive controls. It also comes with wide variants, that both amateur and professional Filipinos will find interesting. Gamers don’t have to strain to see what is going on thanks to the high-quality graphics used. It is also one of the most respected sites in terms of fairness. The room has a valid license, and so you don’t have to worry about foul treatment.

Poker Cash Games v Tournament Poker

Even though both involve using similar variants, they are quite different when it comes to satisfaction. Cash games involve the gamer playing according to his or her own pace. They’re also easy to follow and keep up with. Moreover, you can rebuy if you want to prolong the session. Tournaments, on the other hand, are quicker and require a profound knowledge of the games. Most people who opt for these matches understand their gameplay and have strategies. With the right moves, tournaments can be quite rewarding and fulfilling.

That, however, doesn’t mean that cash games require less knowledge. It also needs crucial strategies. For instance, watching out for blinds, among other specifics. In both, you must, however, learn how to manage your bankroll. That is because the rooms can be immersive. You thus have to set aside a specific amount to avoid wasting it all in a single session. As stated above, the gameplay requires skill, knowledge, and strategy. With those three factors, it becomes easy to gain returns while gaming. It is also the only way to keep up with the dealers as well as make the right choices instantly.

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Yes, it is legal to play poker online in the Philippines. Filipinos can enjoy poker online since the sites pay revenue to their government.
No, you don’t need to download the software. That is because the rooms are accessible via a browser. You only require the website name or URL.
No, rigging doesn’t happen in live games. Before gambling authorities allow any games in a casino, they have to analyze in-depth to ensure it is fair.
Yes, some operators have such casino welcome bonuses. That is because they understand that Filipinos love the game. That makes them use every method to attract new signees.
Yes, you can enjoy poker online using your mobile phones. That is because the sites support mobile interfaces.