An In-depth Guide to Blackjack Games and Betting Strategies

Many gambling enthusiasts around the world play online blackjack games primarily because of their interesting rules. As one of the popular card games, it comes in different variations that have taken years to be developed by professional gamblers.

Even with its popularity, players need to be careful when selecting an online casino for guaranteed safety and fair gameplay. Learn more about blackjack games and variations in this Blackjack game guide.

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Short History of Blackjack

There is still a lot of debate on the origin of Blackjack, but it is believed to have begun in 1700 in the French casinos. In the early 18th century, it made its way to the United States, where French colonists mostly played it. From the 1820s, Blackjack was already being played at legalized gambling halls in New Orleans.

The earlier version of Blackjack was different than what most people play in casinos today. For instance, in the previous version of Blackjack, it was only the dealer who could double.

Blackjack Games You Can Try

Blackjack Surrender is a unique type of blackjack game because it offers players the surrender option. Gamers who want to surrender should know that this option should be their first choice of action and can turn out to be advantageous. For instance, if you consider the late surrender option, it means that you can forfeit half of your bet, but only after the dealer checks for Blackjack.

The other option worth considering is the Zappit blackjack. This variation adds new rules to the standard Blackjack. As the title suggests, you can “Zap,” and you can do this on any hand with values from 15 to 17.

blackjack games

Free Bet Blackjack

Free bet blackjack is among the common variations of blackjack you can play at an online casino. It is almost the same as the traditional game, but has several distinct differences. For instance, the house can pay the bet for a gamer to split and double down. This often results in seven free bets in a hand, especially if they choose to split three times and they still have double-down opportunities on all of them.

The free bets are also an indication that players have the opportunity to land more winnings with less risk.

Spanish 21

This variation can be traced to as far as the 1900s, and was mostly played in Nevada casinos. Spanish 21 is popularly referred to as “Spanish Blackjack,” but this is not an official name. Given that the Spanish 21 is a variation of Blackjack, it uses the same fundamental rules and principles of the game.

The ultimate objective and the way cards are valued is the same as that of the classic game, with players having the option to play with a dealer. What’s unique about this version is the number of cards it features. A standard pack has 52 cards, but this variation uses only 48 cards because all tens are removed from every deck.

Blackjack Switch

This is one of the most recent Blackjack games variations. In this game, players receive two hands at the start of every game, and they still have the option of switching two of the best cards between them. The game also introduces the “switch” option where players can swap one card from each hand to the other. This ultimately creates a unique gaming experience you can’t find in other variants.

Players can still consider the “Super Match” side bet option that pays when the cards from each hand match.

  • 1 pair - 1/1
  • 3 of a kind - 5/1
  • 2 pairs - 8/1
  • 4 of a kind - 40/1
blackjack games

Common Blackjack Rules

One of the standard blackjack game rules is the number of decks in use. Blackjack is spread from one to eight decks of cards. If you have more decks in play, you will most likely have the worst odds. Take note that the difference between a single and eight-deck is about 0.25%.

There is also a significant difference in how the house may choose to play soft 17. In some casinos, when a dealer stands on soft 17, it’s an advantage for the player. There are still others that let the house gain 0.2% if the dealer hits on soft 17.

Why You Should Try Different Blackjack Games

One of the reasons why it’s worth trying different blackjack games is that it’s easy to grasp how to play Blackjack. Aside from the ease of playing, players can use different blackjack tips to try Blackjack for free at an online casino of their choice. The different variations of blackjack games also mean that there are plenty of blackjack strategies to consider, and there are plenty of bonuses to claim.


Blackjack online is almost impossible to rig, but this can happen if you settle for untrustworthy gaming platforms. If you are using a trustworthy gaming platform, you are guaranteed that the Blackjack games offered are legitimate and fair.
Yes, players of Blackjack games can count cards whenever they are playing Blackjack online. However, most casinos choose to shuffle cards whenever a new hand is dealt.
Blackjack online has both the elements of luck and skill, but the level of skill outweighs luck in most cases. You can take advantage of the bonus to maximize your possible winnings.